Charcuterie boards

A great way to entertain without the worry of having something for your guests to bite on. WemaLove now provides different size options of Charcuterie boards that come in individual small boxes, large, medium, and small boards. We offer cheese, fruit, and dessert charcuteries that can be paired with your wine or whiskey.  kindly let us know of the occasion.

Prices range from $40-$80 for our charcuterie board

Individual small boxes are $26 per box

Note: Kindly let us know of any allergy concerns and all our boards are nut-free unless requested.


Looking to entertain and a less free time with your loved ones without having to worry about food? We got you covered, WemaLove now offers guests a variety of Charcuterie boards ranging from large, medium, and small. In addition, we have individual small boxes.


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